Figure 6: Locations of Northern Research Facilities Receiving IPY Logistics Funding

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This map of Canada shows the locations of northern research facilities that received IPY logistics funding. The northern research facilities, organizations and locations that received funding are marked on the map. These are:

  1. Aurora Research Institute (ARI), Aurora College, Inuvik, NWT
  2. Alert Observatory, Environment Canada, Alert, Nunavut
  3. Bylot Island Field Station, Université Laval, Bylot Island, Nunavut
  4. Canadian Polar Commission, Ottawa, Ontario
  5. Centre d'études nordiques (CEN), Université Laval, Nunavut and Nunavik
  6. Churchill Northern Studies Centre, Churchill, Manitoba
  7. Eureka Weather Station, Environment Canada, Eureka, Nunavut
  8. Labrador Institute, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Goose bay, Labrador and Newfoundland
  9. La Peruse Bay, University of Toronto, Churchill, Manitoba
  10. McGill Arctic Research Station (MARS), McGill University, Axel Heiberg, Nunavut
  11. Nunavut Research Institute, Nunavut Arctic College, Iqaluit, Nunavut
  12. Polar Continental Shelf Project (PCSP), Natural Resources Canada, Resolute, Nunavut
  13. Polar Environment Atmospheric Research Laboratory (PEARL), University of Toronto, Eureka, Nunavut
  14. Quajisarvik Research Network, The Nunavik Research Centre (Makivik Corporation), Centre d'études nordiques (Université Laval) and the Umiujaq field station (Makivik Corporation), Nunavik, Quebec
  15. Sirmilik National Park, Parks Canada, Pond Inlet, Nunavut
  16. Torngat Mountains National Park, Parks Canada, Nain, Labrador
  17. Walker Bay Research Station, Government of Nunavut, Kitikmeot, Nunavut
  18. Yukon College, Whitehorse, Yukon

Canadian International Polar Year Research Sites