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Data Assembly Centre Request for Proposals

The Government of Canada’s Program for IPY includes funding to ensure proper storage and management of the data generated from the Canadian IPY program and that this allows the records to be available for current and future generations.  Data and information collected as part of Canada’s participation in IPY are valuable resources that require support to be appropriately preserved. 

Proposals are being sought from existing data centres and research libraries to be part of an IPY Data Assembly Centre Network.  The network will consist of data centres that will individually specialize in a thematic data set type from the IPY research (e.g. marine, atmosphere, terrestrial, human health, community based) but also act as a back-up/mirror for each other centre in the network.  This network will be coordinated by an IPY Data Centre Committee made up of representatives from each of the selected data centres and chaired by the IPY Federal Program Office. 

The network will archive and provide access to all observed data and information generated from IPY projects funded by the Government of Canada Program for IPY (including those projects funded by Natural Science and Engineering Research Council (NSERC)).  The network will also accept data collected by Canadian IPY projects that were funded from other sources. 

Applications must be submitted and received at the Government of Canada IPY Program Office by 11:59 PDT June 7, 2010.  Applications must be completed on the application form.

Proposals are to be submitted by email to:

Questions? Please call or email Scott Tomlinson, IPY Data Management Coordinator
 (819) 934-6084,