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Role out the red carpet the International Polar Year (IPY) Film Festival has arrived!  The Canadian Film Institute has put together a fascinating collection of films about the polar regions to celebrate IPY and Arctic research and raise awareness of the many challenges the region faces in the 21st century.  A variety of films are being featured, including a number of films supported as part of Canada’s contribution to IPY.  There are animated short films, documentaries, silent archival film footage, and a TV series, to name a few.  And what are they about?  Everything from climate change and Arctic seabirds, oil and gas development, and Inuit health, to riding a bike in -40°C Whitehorse. 

Descriptions of Films

IPY Film Festival Roadshow

Interested in learning more about International Polar Year (IPY)?  Want to see some cool Canadian and international films about the polar regions?  We’d like to help you organize your own IPY Film Festival.  Whether at your local movie theatre, museum, community centre, or school, we have a package of materials available to assist you with organizing and showing IPY films in your community!

Interested local organizers will be supplied with the Roadshow Package and you will have an opportunity to create your own IPY Film Festival.

How Do I Get a Roadshow Package?

In order to request an IPY Film Festival Roadshow Package please submit an email proposal with the following information:

  • Proposed date(s)
  • Sponsoring organization(s)
  • Lead organizer
  • Venue and capacity
  • Target audience
  • Promotion plan

To submit your proposal or for any questions please contact the IPY Federal Program Office at, or write to us at:
Government of Canada Program for International Polar Year
Indian and Northern Affairs Canada
10 Wellington St. 7th Floor, Room 745
Gatineau, Quebec, Canada
K1A 0H4
Phone: (819) 994-1803
Fax: (819) 934-0584